Smart Systems and Our Digital Frontier

At McMaster Engineering, we take pride in our role as leaders and pioneers as we envision the future of engineering in this digital age. We are a diverse, vibrant community. Our members share a commitment to improving our world. Collaborative, interdisciplinary work with broad applications that directly contribute to positive change in people’s lives – this is what McMaster Engineering does best.

The changing global economy requires that organizations of all kinds improve digital access, connectivity and productivity. This digital focus reduces technological and economic barriers, promotes innovation, increases prosperity and, ultimately, enhances the quality of life for all. Hence, there is an urgent need for the problem-solving expertise of smart systems engineers, who have the sophisticated and up-to-date training, skills and knowledge required for our 21st-century world.

Our new program in smart systems, which we anticipate will accept students in 2017, will be immediately relevant to the global knowledge economy. Through it, we will apply both scientific and practical knowledge to create the smart cities and connected communities of the future.

As we develop the curriculum, we are listening to the needs of industry to provide relevant, collaborative programs. This feedback has been very enthusiastic. Our program will rely upon an integrated systems approach, one that encompasses both people and technology, to better mine the full potential of networked intelligence.

In short, we will teach about “the connected systems of connected systems.” We will educate the innovators of tomorrow for new kinds of careers – including those careers we have yet to even imagine.

This is our vision. In collaboration with industry leaders, we are moving forward to build another world-class program that will educate innovators, problem-solvers and leaders who will explore uncharted territory and seek solutions to the engineering challenges that will shape our world for decades to come.

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