Why select engineering as a profession

The five year growth in the demand for various types of engineering graduates can exceed 50%, and the associated growth in salaries can be 10% or more. These beneficial growth rates are expected to continue. For instance, the outlook for job growth in manufacturing durables in Canada has picked up among other engineering disciplines.

Is focusing on job growth and momentary relief from pecuniary anxiety the only reason to select engineering as a career?  Indeed, that should not be the only cause for a decision since an engineering education leads to future paths that are rich with satisfaction.

A big attraction that the profession has to offer is that “engineers have the problem-solving skills to fix a problem, but more than that, they are responsible for creating solutions to problems that we aren’t even aware of yet.”

You are a young person thinking of applying to a university program.  How might you proceed?

You’re in luck.  There is an extraordinary wealth of outstanding engineering programs in Ontario, Canada and North America – and beyond.

If you decide to become an engineer, select a program like Mac Eng that will educate you in a deliberately purposeful and inclusive manner, with a focus on experiential and problem based learning and self-directed inquiry.

McMaster Engineering has a commitment to excellence and innovation in the context of social responsibility.  We ask you to select engineering as a career if you desire to become an engaged citizen scholar who has aspirations to transform our world.  Seek an environment that facilitates personal development and discovery, and enhances your ability to successfully transition to rewarding career paths within and beyond engineering.

In that case, you will want to be educated in an engineering program like ours that offers hands-on minds-on experiences through co-op work terms, internships and capstone projects that stimulate learning.

Your future awaits you and you have so many choices. Trust in yourself and make the right one.

If you decide upon Mac Eng as your destination, I look forward to welcoming you next year.

All the best.

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