It’s been a great year for a dean, “Thank You!”

What did a dean do in 2015?

A busy and rewarding year taught this dean many lessons, helped him move the needle forward to meet his aspirations, and strengthened his relationships with his colleagues within and outside his university. He realized, yet again, that his own team is filled with passionate and commited colleagues who are also compassionate, dedicated, sharp and poised to facilitate positive change.

During the year, the dean lamented that women are sorely underrepresented in engineering, kvetched that we do not mentor as many Ph.D. students as we might, made investments to enhance student experiences, helped hire the best and reward excellent colleagues, and built shared spaces for people to interact in, since he is convinced that this will further the local innovation ecosystem as well as the well being of his community.

For him, the year was about working with his team to improve student learning and effective teaching, to reinforce the important role that researchers play in furthering discovery, and for ensuring that those who toil ceaselessly to be constructive are constantly encouraged and rewarded.

The dean learned yet again that in order to help change the world one must be authentic. “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” His colleagues helped him to be grounded.

In a nutshell, for the dean, 2015 was about excellence, relationships, innovation – and about always being authentic in one’s communications.

Overall, the dean is very pleased by how his community’s ideas have come together and adhered so as to effectively promote excellence. He thinks that it’s been a great year.

If you helped him on his journey to facilitate excellence, the dean says, “Thank You!”

To all of you, from him, “Happy Holidays!”

(Fireside with the Dean will resume in January, 2017 since the dean intends to spend some time with family over the Holidays.)

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