Diversity is our strength

Diversity is our strength and a defining pillar of McMaster Engineering.

As a New Canadian, I can affirm that Canada is more than a land of hockey and snow.  It values intellectual freedom, diversity and multiculturalism, and is driven by forward-thinking citizens who value humility and social responsibility.

In 1971, Canada declared that it would henceforth celebrate the varied racial, religious and cultural backgrounds of its citizen equally. By so affirming, it became the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as a national policy.

Canada’s commitment to diversity is a powerful and ambitious approach for making our entire world a better and safer place.

The values of Canada are the values of McMaster Engineering. We welcome you regardless of your religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, identification or sexual orientation.

Diversity and inclusion have enabled the global leadership that McMaster Engineering offers in discovery, education and engagement. We understand that tolerance and openness are wellsprings of security and prosperity, not threats to them.

It is only natural then that the next gathering of the diverse and multicultural Global Engineering Deans Council will take place in Niagara Falls, Canada in October, 2017.


GEDC 2017 will bring engineering deans from around the world together to address the grand challenges and wicked problems facing our world. Our discussions will consider the health of our entire planet as we discuss appropriate solutions for our own communities.

We look forward to welcoming the world to Canada and McMaster University.


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