Bringing innovation home

Last week, I hosted a panel on innovation for McMaster Engineering alumni in Toronto. About fifty of us packed ourselves into a crowded room to discuss how we can further innovation in our communities.

We had a pleasant and spirited discussion over two hours. I love hanging with McMaster Engineering students and alums, and they know that.

The theme that we discussed is a familiar one to our McMaster Engineering family. How can we foster innovation by leveraging our excellence so that we are better able to educate engaged citizen scholars who will transform our world?

We discussed what innovation and excellence mean for the contextual learning that drives innovation, how our graduates should better develop social (and consumer) empathy for the benefit of society, and how by more clearly defining the objectives of a hands on minds on learning we can improve the potential for innovation.

A few weeks ago, I led a similar frank discussion in Silicon Valley. How can Ontario plug its challenges before closing the innovation gap, particularly with the United States. This are nicely summarized in this video.

Innovation is not just about entrepreneurship. It also includes innovative thinking that helps us solve the wicked problems that face our world in a sustainable manner.

We admit our engineering students based not just on their marks, but also for their qualities of empathy, leadership, extra curricular interests and social consciousness. As students, they continue to foster the diversity and responsible sense of community that McMaster Engineering is so well known for.

Our alumni are on top of innovation and are leading change. I’m convinced that we’re educating just the engaged citizen scholars who are required to transform our world. They do so through the real innovations that they are catalyzing and developing.

The world is noticing.

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