How McMaster Engineering has pivoted during COVID-19

McMaster Engineering is a community that pivots. Our community of researchers, instructors, staff and students is quick to embrace change and meet new challenges. No challenge has been greater than COVID-19. Like many sectors, higher education has had to evolve rapidly to meet the challenge posed by this virus. I am proud to report that … More How McMaster Engineering has pivoted during COVID-19

The Big Idea: Educate Citizen Scholars To Transform Our World

A university degree is simply a ticket that allows graduates to apply for jobs. MacChangers enhances graduates’ employment prospects because of their active experiential learning based on design-thinking, systems thinking and an entrepreneurial fail-fast innovation approach. … More The Big Idea: Educate Citizen Scholars To Transform Our World

Hold On…

Perhaps reflecting the awareness that we must persevere in order to thrive, the most common Billboard Hot 100 song title is “Hold On”. In March 2013, Alabama Shakes provided the sixteenth entry of a song with that title into the Hot 100 list. “Hold On” was nominated for a Best Rock Performance Grammy Award. While … More Hold On…

Artificial Intelligence: What is AI?

Computer programs at the heart of artificial intelligence (AI) often use neural networks that, embedded in machines and programs, learn through example. They follow the logic of experience, but are restricted to the behaviours and facts that are provided to them. Thus, AI grows through experiential learning and problem solving. Its efficacy depends on the breadth of the experience and the … More Artificial Intelligence: What is AI?

Challenge the Imposter Syndrome

Although some people can regularly fake their personas and accomplishments,  we aren’t all fakes or frauds.  The imposter syndrome makes us think that we’re frauds, wracks us with unnecessary self doubt and detracts from our efforts to be successful.   A feeling that one is an an imposter shouldn’t make sense. However, the feeling can be so insidious that it can often consume a person. “At any time I still expect … More Challenge the Imposter Syndrome

Rethinking the Engineering PhD

We prompt doctoral students to take deep dives into very narrow questions, implicitly encouraging them to think small. The narrowness of their research topics focuses them laser-like into silos that lie far from the interdisciplinary thinking that is required solve today’s wicked problems. Despite exhortations over decades to break down the silos and stovepipes that narrow engineering disciplines, the … More Rethinking the Engineering PhD