The Big Idea: Educate Citizen Scholars To Transform Our World

A university degree is simply a ticket that allows graduates to apply for jobs. MacChangers enhances graduates’ employment prospects because of their active experiential learning based on design-thinking, systems thinking and an entrepreneurial fail-fast innovation approach. … More The Big Idea: Educate Citizen Scholars To Transform Our World


Cultural differences are merely challenges that can be overcome.  Once we adopt the will to understand our differences, we will be able to finds ways to overcome our challenges. The outcomes will no longer be problematic. Then, we will kneel when we must, stand when appropriate, and bow when suitable. It’s as simple as that. … More Understanding

Hold On…

Perhaps reflecting the awareness that we must persevere in order to thrive, the most common Billboard Hot 100 song title is “Hold On”. In March 2013, Alabama Shakes provided the sixteenth entry of a song with that title into the Hot 100 list. “Hold On” was nominated for a Best Rock Performance Grammy Award. While … More Hold On…

Guest Blog by Brian Baetz: Mindful Engineering

Dave Goldberg, emeritus professor at University of Illinois, teamed up a few years ago with Mark Sommerville of Olin College on a ground-breaking book, A Whole New Engineer.  Dave also created The Big Beacon initiative, where he and his collaborators envision and implement innovations to transform engineering education. His 2016 Jack Hodgins Memorial lecture at … More Guest Blog by Brian Baetz: Mindful Engineering

Innovation, Clusters and Universities

In response to the Great Depression of the 1930s, economically depressed jurisdictions used an approach, termed as “smokestack chasing”.  Regional governments recruited industrial firms to enhance job creation by providing them with tax incentives, land use privileges and loans. Society was transformed. From being primarily agricultural, many regions quickly reorganized into manufacturing and resource extraction economies. … More Innovation, Clusters and Universities