McMaster Engineering Dean Ishwar Puri’s research covers the diverse fields of transport phenomena, fluid mechanics, combustion, self assembly, drug targeting, hyperthermia,nanostructure synthesisenergy, various aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnologymathematical biology (cancer stem cell hypothesis, tumorigenesis and angiogenesis, and disease progression), and bioinspired computational biology.

He is therefore best known for his contributions to the sciences of combustion (with applications to fire safety and combustor design), magnetic fluid and particle transport (by providing insights into thermomagnetic convection and dynamic self assembly), mathematical biology of disease (that explains the cancer stem cell hypothesis and Alzheimer’s disease), and nanoscale transport phenomena (that elucidates new insights into hydrogen storage, heat transfer and protein behavior).

His research been cited over 4,000 times in the scientific literature per Google Scholar with an H-Index of 36 (i.e., thirty six of his publications have been cited at least 36 times).

Dr. Puri is a founder and mentor of NanoSpin, which is a startup that has developed a cooling system for computers and electronic devices that uses a liquid dispersion of magnetic nanoparticles to dissipate waste heat.

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