Endowing Swagger

We believe that engineering education must help students develop comprehensively beyond learning technical skills. They must learn more about emotional intelligence, social awareness, and appreciate diversity, including that of thought and opinion. … More Endowing Swagger

Artificial Intelligence: What is AI?

Computer programs at the heart of artificial intelligence (AI) often use neural networks that, embedded in machines and programs, learn through example. They follow the logic of experience, but are restricted to the behaviours and facts that are provided to them. Thus, AI grows through experiential learning and problem solving. Its efficacy depends on the breadth of the experience and the … More Artificial Intelligence: What is AI?

History shows: Innovation requires a recipe

We’re trying to grow innovators at McMaster Engineering. From our academic programs to an extracurricular innovation ecosystem, our efforts are based on improving the value that our graduates bring to society. We recognize that engineers will not be able to change the world by themselves and that diversity of thought and disciplines matters. … More History shows: Innovation requires a recipe