Endowing Swagger

We believe that engineering education must help students develop comprehensively beyond learning technical skills. They must learn more about emotional intelligence, social awareness, and appreciate diversity, including that of thought and opinion. … More Endowing Swagger

Letter to a young graduate

Ever think about running a start up? Will you be able to facilitate social good through a nongovernmental organization? Are you the innovator who will change an industry? Will you lead a company? Are you the researcher who will move science forward? Will you be the inventor who will produce amazing new products? Will you be an advocate for sustainability? Will you help the less fortunate among us to educate themselves and their children? Will you advance public policy? Will you be a mentor? … More Letter to a young graduate

History shows: Innovation requires a recipe

We’re trying to grow innovators at McMaster Engineering. From our academic programs to an extracurricular innovation ecosystem, our efforts are based on improving the value that our graduates bring to society. We recognize that engineers will not be able to change the world by themselves and that diversity of thought and disciplines matters. … More History shows: Innovation requires a recipe