History shows: Innovation requires a recipe

We’re trying to grow innovators at McMaster Engineering. From our academic programs to an extracurricular innovation ecosystem, our efforts are based on improving the value that our graduates bring to society. We recognize that engineers will not be able to change the world by themselves and that diversity of thought and disciplines matters. … More History shows: Innovation requires a recipe

Why we innovate, how we educate

Context matters in innovation. Those who work towards narrow prescribed goals are poorly placed to further responsible innovation. While our profession requires deep technological capability, engineers must also be intellectually and socially aware to be innovative. For that reason, we educate engineers to think creatively and strategically, and provide them with the capacity to lead. … More Why we innovate, how we educate

We need carbon neutral solutions

Some truths are self-evident. Human-influenced climate change impacts every country on every continent. It is diminishing our health and prosperity, effects that will worsen without intervention. As a member of the global engineering community, McMaster Engineering  accepts its responsibility to develop carbon neutral solutions for the betterment of humanity. We are committed to the development of carbon neutral solutions that will drive disruptive innovations, … More We need carbon neutral solutions

Challenge the Imposter Syndrome

Although some people can regularly fake their personas and accomplishments,  we aren’t all fakes or frauds.  The imposter syndrome makes us think that we’re frauds, wracks us with unnecessary self doubt and detracts from our efforts to be successful.   A feeling that one is an an imposter shouldn’t make sense. However, the feeling can be so insidious that it can often consume a person. “At any time I still expect … More Challenge the Imposter Syndrome

Rethinking the Engineering PhD

We prompt doctoral students to take deep dives into very narrow questions, implicitly encouraging them to think small. The narrowness of their research topics focuses them laser-like into silos that lie far from the interdisciplinary thinking that is required solve today’s wicked problems. Despite exhortations over decades to break down the silos and stovepipes that narrow engineering disciplines, the … More Rethinking the Engineering PhD